Friday, June 18, 2010

On Being a Genius

I invite you to reflect on and bring into your life these characteristics found in inspiring Geniuses:

1) They know their mission. Or they make one up that inspires them!

2) They take daily action in alignment with their chosen mission.

3) They focus exclusively on thoughts that strengthen that mission. They mentally "cancel" all other ideas immediately, and persistently.

4) They relate to and communicate with others in a sincere, heart warming and loving way.

5) The person / task at hand is treated as the most important person / task in the world.

6) They practice until they are highly efficient and deeply competent.

7) When knowledge is required, they know how to access it immediately.

8) They translate knowledge into clear and definite plans of action.

9) The always act from a place of love, joy and laughter.

10) The most important aspect of all in every Genius, is the complete alignment of their whole being with their life mission.

This much is enough.

Bring these lessons into your life.
Awaken the Genius within.
Come, step forward...the world needs your Genius right now!

PS: This sharing was inspired by David Wolfe & Nick Good

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